About Us

River North CrossFit is proud to be the original CrossFit gym in downtown Chicago. With early morning and late evening classes and personal training available all day long training couldn’t be more convenient. River North CrossFit invests in a full-time staff. You know you’re learning and getting fit with the most knowledgeable and dedicated trainers anywhere. Our workouts are unmatched and the community of people who come together each day in pursuit of fitness is truly unique. We bring together people of all fitness levels and athletic experience, we motivate and draw inspiration from each other, compete with each other, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Find out how spending an hour a day with us can change your fitness and your life.*

A change may be just around the corner.

Have fun. Get fit.

Tuesday, May 23rd

**Notice** – There will be no dropping weight between 5am -7am until the floor is fixed. This includes open gym athletes too. In some cases the WOD may be changed for these classes.

Bulgarian Split Squats (rear foot elevated)
3x 20 reps each side
Rest 60 seconds after each side and 2 minutes after both legs.
*Hold 25-55 pound dumbbells or kettlebells for this week, but be sure to keep the shoulder over the back leg to prevent poor posture and training the wrong muscle group

The Numerous Benefits of the Bulgarian Split Squat
– Beginners will develop balance and hip flexibility, along with strength, size, and the all-important ability to endure a high level of discomfort while training.
– When more advanced lifters load up the exercise, they can apply huge weights to their leg muscles with limited spinal compression.
– The loading capability is unmatched by any other exercise that primarily targets the leg extensors, including the squat.

Squat Cleans (135/95)

Extra Credit
Min 1: :45 Right Side Plank
Min 2: :45 GHD Sit-ups
Min 3: :45 Left Side Plank
Min 4: :45 Hip Extension


I can’t imagine stopping this lifestyle now and am excited to see where my journey at RNCF will take me next.*

- Krzysztof Pakula -

You can scale everything based on your ability, and it's the initial challenge that makes it fun. More importantly, I wouldn't join RNCF just for the workouts. I'd join to try something new, meet a good group of people, and obviously to look better naked.*

- Derrick Emmendorfer -

I have yet to experience boredom that came with other exercise programs, and to be honest, I don’t think I ever will. The people and coaches also make coming in every morning that much better.*

- Erica Weaver -