If you’re new to Chicago and need a place to WOD or if you’re already here but looking for something more from your existing box, look no further.  We’ve been CrossFitting since 2009 and are always looking for more friends to workout with.

We have some of the most experienced coaches in the area and more classes than all the others.  Whether your goal is to train at competitive level or to find your best self we have the tools and staff to help you.


If you’re considering making RNCF a regular part of your routine, simply fill out the form and someone from our team will be calling you shortly to answer any questions.

If you’re just visiting Chicago we have a separate page for drop in guests looking to WOD with us on your visit.

In either case if filling out forms isn’t your thing, come on in and talk in person.

Here is our weekly schedule you’re more than welcome to come to any class.