It should come as no surprise that your diet is a component of looking and feeling your best.

With so many options in downtown Chicago it’s easy to let your diet slide.  In addition, many of us eat out for work and travel a lot and that doesn’t help when you’re trying to see your abs.

To help you look and feel your best, we’ve partnered with a few companies that our coaches have used and trusted for years to help them meet their nutritional needs.


Kettlebell Kitchen provides meals for many of our athletes and coaches. They have a variety of meal plans to choose from and will deliver straight to the gym or your home.  Use the code “river north” for $25 off of your 1st order

Kitchfix is a Chicago based company that delivers fresh meals to RNCF a few times a week.  You have to order a few days in advance, use the code RNCF20 for 20% off your 1st order.

VDL Grassfed delivers to RNCF about once a month.  They have so many kinds of meat and the price and quality can’t beat.

Of course we have plenty of food and supplements at the front desk too.   Any questions, just ask.