Mar 2 – Mar 8


Testing our 5RM Back Squat after 6 weeks of Squat Waves


16 Min EMOM
Even: 6 Burpee Pull Ups
Odd: AMRAP Sandbag Ground to over shoulder
Score Sandbags


2 Sets 5 Z Press
2 Sets 5 Strict Press
3 Sets 3 Push Press
3 Sets 1 Push/Split Jerk
Build in weight each of the 10 sets


15 min EMOM
Min 1 40 Double Unders
Min 2 10 TTB
Min 3 10 Heavy Thrusters
115/85 Barbell or Dual 53/35# KBs


Upper Body Pulling*
Establish HSPU Work**


32 Min Cap (you might not finish)

100 Cal Row/Bike 1 
100 DB box step over
100 Cal Bike/row (do whatever you didn’t do)
100 Light KB Swings


Strength: 20 minutes
10 Minutes to complete 5×5 Overhead Squats (build in weight)
10 Minutes to complete 3 Snatch Balance at 65-75% of the last OHS weight hit (focus on speed under the bar; weight should be light enough for smooth, fast pull into squat snatch catch position)

Metcon: 15 Min AMRAP

2 Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar)
6 Deadlifts (225/155)
8 Burpee Over Bar

RX+ 275/185, Strict HSPU
Scaling: 2 MU→ 2 Banded or box MU→ 4 C2B → 6 Pull Ups → 8 Ring Rows
HSPU→ W/ Abmat → Pike Push Ups→ Z Press→ Strict DB Press


Friday Metcon:

On a 30 minute running clock

1000m Row
50 Thrusters
30 Pull Ups

At the 20 min mark repeat “Jackie”
500m Row
25 Thrusters w/ 50/35# Dual DBs
15 Muscle Ups



Teams of 2, partners alternate full rounds

30 Min Cap

16 Rounds (each partner does 8), 
12 DB snatch (50/35)
12 Burpee over dumbbell
12/9 cal bike or row sprint



9AM Gymnastics Skills


5 Rounds for time

20 KBS (53/35)
20 Box jump over (24/20)
20 Push ups
20 Sit ups
40 DU

Pick one of these options (should be something that is relatively easy when fresh but you have to think about when tired)
*Upper Pull Station

1 Peg Board Ascent
2-3 No Kip Muscle Ups
1.1 Kipping Muscle Ups (2 muscle ups or attempts, resetting after each one)
5-8 Strict Pull Ups
2-3 Strict Chin Ups and 15 Seconds of controlled negative Pull Ups
30 Seconds of Controlled Negative Pull Ups
10 Ring Rows

**Pick one of these options (should be something that is relatively easy when fresh but you have to think about when tired)
**HSPU Work

10 Strict HSPU
3-6 HSPU
2 Wall Walks
10 Pike HSPU
10 Push Up (use a box if needed)


APR 20 – 26

Saturday For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner… 150 Deadlift @185/125150 Box Jump Over150/110 Cal Row-Ski or 130/90 Cal Bike*Partition However You’d Like. Sunday 5 Rounds

APR 13 – 19

Saturday For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner… Buy-in: 1000m Run (together)30 Hang Clean @135/9530 SYNC Burpee Over Bar30 Hang Clean @155/10530 SYNC Burpee Over Bar30

APR 6 – 12

Saturday 6 Rounds For Time (CAP 40:00)w/ a partner…10 Alt. DB Devil Press @50/3515 KB SDHP @70/5320 Push Up400m Run (Together)*You need to alternate the


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