June 21-25

Monday Jun 21

Same Options as last week 
Either 3×5 or 5×3 Back Squat

Let’s say last Monday you did 3×5 with weights 205×5 215×5 225×5
Let’s try to either improve on last week or do the other rep scheme
1st way to improve is to do something like 225×5 225×5 225×5 (we call this straight sets across)
2nd way is something like 210×5 220×5 230×5 (add weight to all 3 sets)
If you don’t feel like you can improve on last week or you just want to do something different do 5×3 instead.


90 Sec Work 90 Sec Rest for 5 Rounds
5 Hang Clean 185/125 (Heavy but unbroken for at least the 1st 2 rounds) 
Max Wall Balls

Tuesday Jun 22

Either 3×3 or 3×5 Deadlift
If you think you can do more than last weeks 3×3, go for it, if not or if you just want to mix it up go 3×5.
1 Set of 12 Deadlifts, go heavier than last weeks set of 15


30 DB Hang Clean and Jerk 50/35 (switch arms every 5)
10 Muscle Ups
30 DB Snatch
10 Muscle Ups
30 Single DB Thruster
10 Muscle Ups
If you’ve got some muscle ups but 10 will take more than 2 min, do what you can do in 2 min before returning to the DB
If Muscle Ups aren’t for you, 10 burpee pull ups

Wednesday Jun 23

Every 3 mins for 39 mins do:
25 Double Unders
7 Cal
RX+ max HSPU until 2 min
(Scale the reps so that you can complete most rounds in under 2 min)

Thursday Jun 24

Either 3×5 or 5×3 Front Squat
1 Set of 15+ Back Squats
Either go heavier than last week or use the same weight and go for up to 20 reps


3 Snatch 135/95 (Pick a weight you think you can get 6+ rounds in 6 Min)
20 Double Unders (Sub 5 Burpees)
2 Min Break
3 Snatch 165/115 (If you got less than 6 rounds the 1st 6 min, keep the same weight)
20 Double Unders


Friday June 25

Either 3×5 or 5×3 Shoulder Press
1 Set of 12-15 
If you got less than 15 last week, use the same weight and go for 15.
If you got 15, add a few # and go for at least 12



10 rounds for time of:
3 snatches
3 burpees over the bar


Sat June 26

June 27th marks 10 years of Power Cleans, Muscle Ups, Burpees, Running around the block and more at 330 W Ontario st.

On Sat June 26th we are going to do our 10th annual

“Kettle Baby WOD”

400m KB Run (70/53)
100 Pull-ups
100 Box Jumps (24/20)
100 Sit-ups
100 KB Swings (70/53)
100 Air Squats
100 Push Press (95/65)
400m KB Run

The KB must never touch the floor. 
Partners will alternate hold the KB and completing the movements
Rules for holding the KB: 
1. 1 KB per pair
2. May not rest on your foot 
3. Both heels must remain on the floor

If you were a member in years past, please come by for a free WOD, say hi and have a beer or 2 afterwards.
If you’re a current member, please bring a friend to WOD with you that weekend free of charge.


MAY 4 – 10

Saturday For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner…330m Team Run (1 Lap)50 Clean & Jerk @115/85330m Team Run40 Clean & Jerk @135/95330m Team Run30 Clean &

APR 27 – MAY 3

Saturday 3 Rounds For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner… 50 Hang Snatch @96/6550 OHS50 TTB Sunday MURPH PREP #1 Every 5:00 for 30:00 (6 Sets)200m

APR 20 – 26

Saturday For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner… 150 Deadlift @185/125150 Box Jump Over150/110 Cal Row-Ski or 130/90 Cal Bike*Partition However You’d Like. Sunday 5 Rounds


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