MAR 2 – 8

Sat  For Time (CAP 32:00) w/ a partner… Buy-in: 3 Laps Run (together) then… 20 Rounds (YOU GO I GO) 2 Clean @185/1254 HSPU8 Alt.

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FEB 24 – 1 MAR

Sat AMRAP 35:00 w/ a partner… 30 Cal Row-Ski or 20 Cal Bike25 Deadlift @155/10520 Front Squat15 Clean10 STOH Sun  For Time 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1DBall/Sandbag Over The

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FEB 17-23

Sat  For Time (CAP 35:00) w/ a Partner… 30 Burpee Over The Bar -RX+ SYNCHRO100 Thruster @95/6510x 30 Double Under – RX+ Unbroken*100 Thruster30 Burpee

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FEB 10-16

Sat  With a partner… *You need to do all the machines, one per block. AMRAP 10:00 1500m Row-Ski/ 3600m Bike*Split every 250m or 600m.MAX Cluster

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FEB 3-9

Sat  With a partner… AMRAP 35:00 1km Row-Ski or 2.5km Bike30 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20″)20 SYNC KB Lunge @53/35 – RX+ Double 50/35# DB10

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JAN 27 – FEB 2

Sat Jan 27 With a partner… Every 6:00 for 30:00 (5 Sets) 500m Row/Ski or 1.2km Bike30 Alt. BB Lunge* @115/85MAX KB American Swing @53/35(Partner

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Jan 20-26

Sat Jan 20 For Time with a partnerBuy-in: 100 Calories Row/Ski or 80 Cal Bike30 Rounds (YOU GO I GO)3 Deadlift @205/1456 Burpee9 Abmat Sit

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JAN 13-19

Sat  AMRAP 35:00With a partner80 Cal60 Deadlift @135/9540 Wallball @10/1420 Muscle Up Sun  “FIGH GONE BAD STYLE”3 Rounds For Reps:1:00 Plate GTOH @45/251:00 Burpee To

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Jan 6-12

Sat AMRAP 30:00With a partner30 TTB20 Deadlift @185/12515 SYNC Burpee Over The Bar Sun  For Time25-20-15-10-5HSPUPower CleanDB Box Step Up @50/35Round 1 – 95/65Round 2

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MAY 4 – 10

Saturday For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner…330m Team Run (1 Lap)50 Clean & Jerk @115/85330m Team Run40 Clean & Jerk @135/95330m Team Run30 Clean &

APR 27 – MAY 3

Saturday 3 Rounds For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner… 50 Hang Snatch @96/6550 OHS50 TTB Sunday MURPH PREP #1 Every 5:00 for 30:00 (6 Sets)200m

APR 20 – 26

Saturday For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner… 150 Deadlift @185/125150 Box Jump Over150/110 Cal Row-Ski or 130/90 Cal Bike*Partition However You’d Like. Sunday 5 Rounds


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