July 22-28

Sat  400m KB Run (70/53)100 Pull-ups100 Box Jumps (24/20)100 Sit-ups100 KB Swings (70/53)100 Air Squats100 Push Press (95/65)400m KB Run Fine PrintThe KB must never

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July 15 – 21

Sat July 15 120 KB Swings 70/53120 Cal120 TTB120 Cal on a different device120 Wall Ball 20/1412x100m Run — RX+ Run w/ a dball or

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July 8 – 14

Sat July 8 “Adam Brown” – Partner Style Break up the reps as needed1 Barbell per group, change weights between exercises Two rounds for time of:  24

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July 1-7

Saturday  With A Partner50 OverHead Squats 95/65 – Should be quick and easy50 Sandbag/Dball Cleans 100/70 -These will take awhile50 Shuttle Runs – 2500M Total(P1

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June 24-30

Sat June 24 Partner 1 works for 2 minutesPartner 2 works for 2 minutes40 Min CapAt the start of each 2 Min cycleRun 100m then

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June 17 – 23

Sat June 17 40 Min Cap:With a partner1 Mile Run (1 runner at a time)Then3 Rounds:20 Snatch 115/8520 Burpee Over BarThen3 Rounds:20 Overhead Squats20 TTBThen3

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June 10 -16

Working at the same timePartner 1 Run 200mPartner 2 10 DB Snatch and 10 Pull Ups (If P1 is done early, rest until p2 is

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June 3 – 9

Sat With a partner – 45 Min Cap – Don’t expect everyone to finish90 Deadlifts 135/9570 Snatches50 Front Squats – Scale so that these 3

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May 27 – June 2

Sat May 27 5 Rounds – Each Round, add 10-30# and drop the reps of the hang snatch by 3Partner 1 15 TTB/GHDPartner 2 15

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Sep 23-29

Sat With a partner, one person working, one resting, split as needed.5 Rounds25 Cal20 DB Hang Snatch 50/35 – RX+ American KB Swing 70/5315 Burpee Over

Sep 16-22

Sat Sep 16 4 Rounds – split the work with a partner anyway you like.Run*20 Single Arm Devils Press 50/3540 Wall Balls60 DB CJRX+ Both

Sep 9-15

5 Rounds – Partners alternate after each exercise100M Run15 DB Deadlifts (1 DB 50/35) – RX+ DBall DL15 Burpees1 Min Break5 Rounds200M Run15 TTB15 DB


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