Mar 19 – 24

Sunday  10-9-8…1Snatch 115/85CrossBody Knee to ElbowHSPU Monday  Tabata Pull Ups1×25 Back Squat Metcon: Four rounds of: 27 Box jumps, 24″ box20 Burpees11 Squat cleans, 145/100

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Mar 10 -18

Fri Mar 10 Quarterly “Air Force” WOD test For time: 4 Burpees at the beginning of every minute including 0:00 before moving on to the

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Mar 3 – 9

Fri Mar 3 12 Min AMRAP – Unless you are doing the open, then 6 min cap on the 1st part 5 wall walks50 double-unders15

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Feb 24 – Mar 2

Week 2 of Wendler 5-3-1 Strength Cycle on Mon and Wed. Friday Feb 24thWeek 2 of the CrossFit Open On a 20 Min Clock15 Min

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Feb 17 – 23

President’s Day ScheduleMonday Feb 20th. Last class starts at 6PM. The CrossFit Open starts today. Friday Feb 17th, Feb 24th and Mar 3rd we will

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Feb 11-17

Sat Feb 11With a Partner, split anyway you like300 Air Squat300 Double Under150 Cal150 DB Snatch 50/35100 DB Clean and Jerk100 DB OH Step Back

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Feb 4-10

Sat Feb 4With a partner – Split the Bear Complex Reps each round, split the bodyweight movements as needed. 40 Min AMRAP4 Rounds of Bear

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Jan 28 – Feb 3

Sat Jan 28With a partner4 roundsWith a Partner – Split as Needed60 Cal Row/Bike (RX+ Ski)60 CrossBody K2E – Knee To Elbow30 BurpeeThrustersRound 1 [email protected]/55

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Jan 21-27

Sat With a partner – 1 working at a time100 Box Jump80 Wall Balls60 Deadlifts 135/85 (Lighter than normal)40 Cals – RX+ Both partners do

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June 3 – 9

Sat With a partner – 45 Min Cap – Don’t expect everyone to finish90 Deadlifts 135/9570 Snatches50 Front Squats – Scale so that these 3

May 27 – June 2

Sat May 27 5 Rounds – Each Round, add 10-30# and drop the reps of the hang snatch by 3Partner 1 15 TTB/GHDPartner 2 15

May 20 – 26

Sat 35Min AMRAP – With a partner  100M OverHead Plate Carry 45/35# (1 plate split as needed) RX+ 55/4510 Curtis P* 95/65 RX+ 100/70# DBall (split as needed)10


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