July 17 – 23

Mon and Tues Class TimesOn the hour rather than 1/2 hour won out. Going forward 5PM 6PM 7PM Both Mon and TueNo Change Wed-Sun for

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July 11-16

Sunday July 11 30 Min Cap 21-15-9TTBPower Snatch 95/65right into9-15-21Bike CalOHS 95/65right into21-15-9Box JumpsSquat Snatch 95/65 M-F  Doors open at 5AM M-F6:00 AM7:15 AMNoonMon 5,6,7Tues

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July 3 -10

Saturday July 3rd 1 Class 10AM (Open 7-12) With a Partner35 min Cap120 Handstand Push Ups120 Back Squat 135/95100 Pull Ups100 Burpees80 Shoulder to Overhead

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June 26-July 2

Saturday June 26 RNCF Opened Our Doors for the 1st time in late June 2011To celebrate 10 years, please come by for  Our Annual “Kettle

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June 21-25

Monday Jun 21 Same Options as last week Either 3×5 or 5×3 Back Squat Let’s say last Monday you did 3×5 with weights 205×5 215×5 225×5Let’s

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Mar 16 -22

Monday 3RM Over Head Squat  Metcon: Every 2 Minutes for 16 Minutes (8 Rounds)10 Right Arm KB OH Reverse Lunge (53/35) or DB (50/35)10 Left

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Mar 9 – 15

Monday Take about 50% of your back squat # from last week.And perform 4 sets of 4 reps of front squats at tempo.The Tempo we

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Mar 2 – Mar 8

Monday Testing our 5RM Back Squat after 6 weeks of Squat Waves Metcon: 16 Min EMOMEven: 6 Burpee Pull UpsOdd: AMRAP Sandbag Ground to over

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Feb 24 – Mar 1

If you didn’t try factor meals yet, they’re still offering $60 off the 1st 2 weeks to any RNCF member.     Monday Squat Waves with a %

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MAY 4 – 10

Saturday For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner…330m Team Run (1 Lap)50 Clean & Jerk @115/85330m Team Run40 Clean & Jerk @135/95330m Team Run30 Clean &

APR 27 – MAY 3

Saturday 3 Rounds For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner… 50 Hang Snatch @96/6550 OHS50 TTB Sunday MURPH PREP #1 Every 5:00 for 30:00 (6 Sets)200m

APR 20 – 26

Saturday For Time (CAP 35:00)w/ a partner… 150 Deadlift @185/125150 Box Jump Over150/110 Cal Row-Ski or 130/90 Cal Bike*Partition However You’d Like. Sunday 5 Rounds


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